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closure wig ,lace front wig, and 360 wig, What’s the difference ?

wig cap
wig cap design

Lace wig is the made with lace design ,according to cap size ,it can be classified as :

Closure Wig

is made with 4*4″ closure or 5*5″ , 6*6″ size closure with hair .This texture have straight , body wave and curly.

closure wig

Closure wig have free part / middle part design.

Compared with other wigs ,closure wigs have these advantages

  • Its closure size is not huge as 13*4 or 360 degree ,so it cost less ,the price for it will be around 30~40$ less than same size lace frontal wig
  • Its closure position can be choosed ,most is middle part of wig ,also supply side part : the closure is made at side of the wig .looks very unique and cool.
  • Its density can be more ,150% or 180%, because wig cap have more space for hair to sew onto it.
  • Its use last time will be longer than frontal or 360 degree.
  • It is easy to remove and wear ,for people who always remove wig at night ,closure wig is a good choice.
  • Its material can be DIY , can choose 9A or 10A virgin hair.A better material will make the wig more silky ,use time longer.

lace front wig

This is a long time popular product with a lots of designs.

bob cut lace wig

Bob cut style

lace frontal wig

It is so beautiful and luxury that one perfect wig sometime can be sold around 300~500$ .

its texture have

  • straight
  • body wave
  • deep wave
  • kinky curly
  • water wavy
  • big curly

Its density have

  • 130%
  • 150%
  • 180% high density
  • more than 180% super high density ,very full

Its length can be 8~32″ ,price will increase when size go up.

Its have this advantages ,Compared with other type

  • Its has baby hair ,very natural hair line ,so wear on the head will looks really real and nice
  • Can wear with glue or tape ,to keep it very stable ,will not easily drop off.
  • Can custom-made with varied hair material : peruvian / Brazilian hair material.

360 wig

means have 360 degree closure which cover head.

360 straight lace wig
360 closure

Its made of 360 closure with hair weave which been sew onto the cap.

Its advantages is very big :

  • women can choose to hold all the hair to be a ponytail ,it still looks very natural ,because closure cover the 360 degree of the head.
  • with baby hair ,can be pre-plucked , looks as women own hair
  • Luxury and more beautiful
  • accept custom-made density and material
  • its cap is more soft and closure / frontal one .more breathable ,comfortable to wear.

Its material can choose :

  • brazilian hair material which sew onto the cap
  • peruvian Hair
  • Indian hair

Its density have 130%/ 150%/180% / more.

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